Add Google reCAPTCHA On Registration form

In this post we will see how to add google reCaptcha in signup form.

Google has released the new reCAPTCHA. Using reCAPTCHA users can prove they are human without solving a CAPTCHA. They need just a single click to confirm they are not a robot. So, reCAPTCHA will protect your website from spam with better user experience. You can easily integrate Google reCAPTCHA in PHP script.


Now We have create a signup/ registration form with the new Google reCAPTCHA using PHP.The reCAPTCHA integration process is given below.

First of all we need reCAPTCHA API keys:
For adding reCAPTCHA to your website, you need to register your site and get reCAPTCHA API keys.
Register your site

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Register your site at Google just click on the below link –

after click on above link here you got 2 keys.
first is site key which is used for showing captecha on client site
and another is secret key which is used to check the captecha on server end.


in this page we make our database connection.


In the index.php we make a signup form.



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