Change password using javascript, php and mysqli.

Welcome back to , today we will see how to change password using JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.
first of all we should discuss about overall scenario which we used to reset password.
In first step we make a form (which have three input fields) with the help of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

change password in php
In the second step we match the new password and confirm password with the help of JavaScript.
in case if new password and confirm password are not matched than we will disable the submit button with the help of JQuery.

Read xml file using php

In this post we will see how to read an xml file with the help of php function.

read xml file using php

most of the time we need to fetch records from xml file, so we use a php function
The simplexml_load_file() function which helps to converts the specified XML file into
a SimpleXMLElement object.

here we have xml file which is named as sitemap.xml, we fetch  all dates from sitemap using simplexml_load_file() function.