show active visitor on google map using php

Welcome back to, In our previous post we learn how to change password script is run in php.
Today we will learn how to get the user’s current location from the browser and show multiple locations mark on the map.
get visitor location using php
before starting this tutorial, first of all, we make a scenario to perform this task. we split this task into 4 parts.


in our first part, we create a database (‘demo‘) and a database table with the name of (location). in a database table (location) we have 3 entities (id),(latitude),(longitude).

in the second part we create a page index.php . in the index.php page, we put our javascript and Ajax code in the head section. the javascript code
helps us to fetch user’s location from the browser and the ajax code is helpful to store the location into our database table.
in the third part, we create a page getLocation.php which is a help to insert ajax data into the database
and in the final part we create a page showlocation.php. in the showlocation.php page, we fetch the users location from database and
shows on the google map with location mark.







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