update txt file php

How to edit/update a txt file with php

Welcome back to shortlearner.com, in this post we will see how to update a txt file with the help of PHP.
So in this post we learn how to fetch data from the file and show in the text area and when user changes in it and hit on the update button file will update.

update txt file php

there is a myfile.txt file in my directory and in the below code i am fetching data from myfile.txt with the help of PHP and showing the data into text area.

Method 1:

in this method we fetch data from PHP file with the help of loop.

Method 2: file_get_contents

In this method we used PHP predefined function file_get_contents.
this function is use for get the contents of a file and store the content into a variable.
if we need to store content into a file than we also use file_put_contents which is works just opposite to file_get_contents funcion.

after showing the file data into text area we will update the data into file. so when user click on the update button the files will get open again and with the help of write method we writes the data into file and close the file.
here is the complete code.

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