Namecheap API Configuration in PHP

Welcome back to Shortlearner, today we start a new series of API configuration of Namecheap
using php, before start the tutorial first of all we should know about Namecheap.

Basically Namecheap is a platform where you can purchase all type of hosting services
(virtual private host, xen vps, ovz vps ), Dedicate servers and also buy domains with in
a cheapest price.

Today we will see how to get namecheap API.
Before getting a namecheap api first of all we should know about what is an API,
and how its work.
click to know more about API .

Check Email is Already Registered in Database using Ajax and JavaScript.

Hey,Welcome to shortlearner, today we will see how to check that email is already registered in database, with the use of ajax and java-script.
Most of the time we see that the user is registering same  email id  in database and it is registered in the database without checking that it was already registered in database.

but with the help of ajax and java-script we can show our users that their email is registered or not registered in our database by showing them a message.